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TOMORROWLAND Spring Coat Gray 38 Ladies (UJ104642)

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Product Details

Sleeve:Long Sleeve
Type of Collar:Tailored Made
Material:25% Cotton / 35% Flax/Hemp / 40% Cupra fabric
Country of Origin:China
Rank:USED B / Traces of usage are present throughout but in good condition.
Size:Original Size38
Actual measurements:14.6"(37cm) Across shoulder / 23.6"(60cm) Length of a sleeve / 31.1"(79cm) Sleeve length / 16.5"(42cm) Armpit to armpit / 31.5"(80cm) Total length
Place of Closure:Front
Pockets Position:2 Side Pocket(s)
Other Features:Others slit on cuffs

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Accessories:No accompanying accessories
Wrinkle:Noticeable wrinkles throughout
Dirtiness around neck:Black marks present on inner part around the neck
Dirtiness on cuff:Black marks present on cuff surface
Dirtiness on armpit:None
Dirtiness on the front:Insignificant faint black marks present on the front
Dirtiness on the back:Insignificant faint black marks on the back are present
Loose Thread:None
Discoloration:Several present on unnoticeable place
Fur balls:Present throughout
Brand Tag:Attached
Remarks:Several pulls on inner lower part and color fading under armpits. Scratch on pocket closure.