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HERMES Choker/Necklace Metal Gold (BF302435)

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Product Details

Type:Necklace/Pendant / Choker
Country of origin:Country of origin is not indicated.
Rank:USED B / Traces of usage are present throughout but in good condition.
Size of the Charm:W: 1.2"(3cm) / H: 1.2"(3cm)
Total Weight:30g
Box Size:80
Type of Closure:Hook
Remarks:Neck circumference: 44 cm

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Accessories:No accompanying accessories
Charm Condition
Scratches/Damage:Slightly scratched
Outer Part:ShapeNone
Change in Color/Dirtiness:Insignificant black marks and discoloration present
Body Condition
Scratches/Damage:Slightly scratched
Change in Color/Dirtiness:None